About Me

About Me

Tommy ‘The Razor’ Rainone is an American welterweight boxer nicknamed ‘The Razor’.[1] His current record is won 23 ( KO 5)+ lost 6 (KO 0) and one draw. He is trained by Jorge Gallardo, a veteran of 85 amateur and 21 pro fights, out of the Westbury Boxing Club in Long Island, New York. Former IBF junior welterweight champion Jake Rodriguez has often assisted in Rainone’s training and has worked his corner many times.[2]


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Professional Record

Tommy Rainone’s Professional Boxing Record is 27-7-1 with 5 wins coming by KnockOut.



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About Me

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Post Fight Thoughts

Thanks to everyone for the support , I just didn’t have it tonight and Ishe had plenty to do with that. No excuses I strained my left arm along the way and couldn’t let go off the straight left much but same token Ishe hurt his hand at some point in the fight himself. We […]

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“Look at my baby’s face,” Jodi Ferone cried. “With this face, he should have been a figure skater. Or a model. But this is what he’s wanted since he was little.”

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